It’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your drainage system in your home or business. Health is the main reason you have to consider when having your sewer and drains cleaned.  Keeping the water circulating efficiently in your house or business is the best way to prevent health problems caused by a clogged drainage system. This procedure will also prevent any odors that can be caused by the blockage in your drain system.

Ajacks Sewer & Drain is here…

…when it comes to solving all types of drain and sewer line issues:

  • Video camera inspection of pipes
  • Indoor/Outdoor floor drain maintenance and removal services
  • Commercial/Industrial drain and sewer cleaning services
  • Storm sewer cleaning
  • Main line removal of roots
  • Removal of debris from kitchen drains
  • Hair and soap removal from shower and tub drains
  • Bathroom sink and toilet debris removal services

What our customers have to say

"We signed up for Ajacks scheduled sewer & drain maintenance program AFTER we had a sewer pipe back-up that happened while we were on vacation. A tree root broke through our sewer line at some point that we were unaware about. While on vacation in Florida for 2 weeks, Wisconsin had heavy rainfall causing a cave-in and complete blockage where the root had grown.

We have both a Water Softener that cycles every two days and an Iron filter that cycles every three days. When we got home, there was 6 inches of water in our basement. The drywall soaked up the water four feet high. We hired a water damage clean-up company. They came in, pumped out the water, dried the basement out with fans and dehumidifiers, ripped out the carpeting & drywall in the rec-room, bathroom and office. They also had to rip out the ceiling due to mold. We had to throw away book cases, an entertainment center, the bathroom sink cabinet, and much more.

After everything was cleaned up, we had to have a basement remodeling company come in and do the walls, ceiling and carpeting. We had to buy new furniture. We lost money with time off of work. We also had all the stress that came with this one tiny 4" wide problem.

All-in-all, it cost us over $18,000. I really wish we would have known Jim from Ajacks before then. Anyone that reads this and continues gambling with their plumbing is asking to go through what we went through. I wouldn't wish that on an enemy."